Thursday, November 24, 2011

5 Guys Burgers and Fries

OVERVIEW; These sloppy, fully loaded burgers are legendary in Washington DC and relativity newly (2003) franchised. This burger is reminiscent of the fabled "In n Out Burger", local to L.A. (my home land, BTW). These fast food alterna-burgers are quick, delicious and heads and tails above any drive through you may find yourself in on your lunch hour. With a secret "verbal-legend" menu sporting around 250,000 variations, this place is a piece of Americana in both meaty-ness and franchise opportunity.

BURGER; Thin patties cooked well done, stacked generously with all your favorite toppings, plus an entire sub-menu of additional toppings, ensure that you get your ultimate burger. The sparkling clean, wide open kitchen lets you into the preparation of your order from the moment the cashier hollers "two patties!!" over her right shoulder.

; Always local, with a counter-top sign that displays the specific farm that day's batch was sourced from. Cajun is an unimpressive option. And even the small order of fries satiates the fry lust of two adults, and since if you're probably eating the double burger anyway, try to avoid large fry excess.

SERVICE; This is essentially a fast food restaurant. Though it harkens to the idealized version of a middle America burger joint, patronized by, like, Richie Cunningham or something, it is still a fast food restaurant. There are pallets with boxes upon boxes of peanuts everywhere for pre-pig-out snacking, so, unless you're deathly allergic, that's a plus. An appropriate and affordable alternative to Burgerville, when you're feeling both cheap and snobby.

WHERE; Heavy saturation in the suburbs, with an 82nd st location in Portland proper.
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  1. Anonymous11/25/2011

    Tasty! Burgers and fries are my guilty pleasures... :)

  2. Don't feel guilty! Feel awesome!