Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sasquatch Brewery Featuring The Star of Finding Bigfoot (Coming This January to Animal Planet, Check Your Local Listings)

DID YOU FIND BIGFOOT?; Nah, just a couple of footprints. In fact, I was admittedly disappointed with the marked absence of any Bigfoot memorabilia. Arriving with Clifford Barackman (pictured) of Finding Bigfoot exacerbated that disappointment. After a revelatory conversation with the bar/restaurant's owner, I have little faith in this fabulously located joint's authority to own the term "Sasquatch" to describe anything that's happening in their establishment. I will not, however, let the sad lack of Squatchy collectables color my review of what is a dang fine burger.

BURGER; Hand formed, beautifully seasoned 1/2 lb patties served on what has become the Portland standard, a starchy potato bun. While my companions both ordered, and were satisfied with, basic burgers, I opted for a seasonal special; a patty smothered in a seasonal squash compote, with a few leaves of butter lettuce and bacon. The compote was cloyingly sweet, and had I not removed the bacon, the salty smoke would have been a fine balance.The bun would have benefited from a quick grill, a little crispy, buttery edge to contrast against it's thick chewiness. In time I have no doubt that this burger will be a best-burger-in-Portland contender, but not quite yet.

FRIES; House cut, crispy and well salted. Also served in a great portion. Not a huge, mind-boggling pile of fries, but a serviceable amount that everyone at the table was able to polish off without feeling like Bigfoot might feel after he (or she!) eats a full grown elk.

SERVICE; With a smile! I pitied our servers for a couple of reasons; Sasquatch Brewery is not yet cleared by Oregon to brew beer, and I cant imagine that's fun to explain to every customer, also try explaining to the star of a show called "Finding Bigfoot" why there's no Sasquatch whatsoever in the entire Sasquatch Brewing Company.Wine and beer bar with some great local selections.

WHERE; 6440 SW Capitol Hwy. Portland

ABOUT OUR GUEST; Cliff Barackman is one of the 4 stars of Finding Bigfoot, airing this January on Animal Planet. Follow his awesome Blog; North American Bigfoot and check out his website, featuring a database of Bigfoot sightings
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