Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hopworks Urban Brewery or Burgers, Beers and Bike Parts

PUT THE FUN BETWEEN YOUR LEGS; That's the general, bike friendly theme of this SE brewery and pub. The Hopworks brand has gained some steam these last few years, with a new "bikebar" opening on NE Williams Ave, right along one of the main corridors for bicycle traffic. With an impressive menu of solid beers, a deep dedication to organic everything, and a burger that's nigh perfection, I can see the HUB brand growing exponentially, and I gotta tell ya, it feels darn awesome to see a local business make good in such a righteous way.

BURGER; Oh yea. A thick, half pound of Painted Hills Natural Beef, cooked to order, served on a cheddar topped kaiser roll. Gorgeous green leaf romaine lettuce, thick, ripe tomato and a measured sliver of paper thin red onion. This burger was juicy, flavorful, and completely satisfying. There was an added element of complexity with the cheddar bun, and it was the only thing that I would change about this burger. The texture of the roll was perfect, and the flavor was sweet, reminiscent of a brioche, so naturally the addition of cheddar to this flavor melody caused the tune to fall a bit flat. Otherwise, I would order this burger again and again.

FRIES; Gorgeous, possibly some of the best in the city. Thick cut and crispy, seasoned deliberately. I can also speak highly of the salad. Like most of their menu items, HUB's salad is organic it's salad dressings are made in-house. You can't lose with either choice.

SERVICE; Admittedly, our service suffered due to a Ducks game, but how mad could we be? In essence, Hopworks is a neighborhood bar, and thus, local game nights are going to dominate the place. We got a free beer after our server became so wrapped up in game time he forgot he was at work. I assume he went to Oregon State, and for all it's worth, I don't care if he shelves his service job for 10 minutes to cheer on his alma mater. Beer bar (no hard stuff), happy hour Monday through Friday. Kid friendly dining room and loft space upstairs with pinball. Patios in the front and rear of the building. Beers to go available (and highly recommended!)

WHERE; Flagship Brewpub 2944 SE Powell Blvd Portland. BikeBar 3947 N. Williams Ave. Portland
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