Monday, December 5, 2011

Stick Your Mouth On Dick's Kitchen

DRINK FOR EVERY DOUBLE ENTENDRE; From the walls stare the heads of many famous Dicks; Dick Nixon, Dick Tracy, and Dick Van Dyke to name a few. This motif is coupled with a "stone age diner" ideal they are establishing with their health-centric menu. Dick's beef is of the highest quality, locally farmed and always grass fed. This in particular is not unique for a Portland burger, but the methodology is. Research has shown that an organic, balanced carnivorous diet without processed food, sugar, dairy and gluten can reduce inflamation and some metabolism related health concerns. Yes y'all, Dick's science informed us that we need to eat more awesome burgers. I respect Dick, his powerfully health concious menu, and his reverence for meat.

BURGER; Unbeatable patties. Hand formed balls of strait-up love. You can literally taste how good this cow's life was. This post will concern itself mainly with the Zissou Burger. This patty has had the fortunate experience of having onions smashed into it. Then some local fungus and some house made pickles rolled up into the scenario and posted up under a swiss cheese umbrella. Then this ragtag bunch teamed up with a soft, butter grilled potato bun, some crisp, iceberg lettuce and a wild little tomato. Seared in cast iron skillets and cooked to order, aside from one experience with not-quite rehydrated mushrooms, I can strongly recommend this burger.

FRIES; A fun take on traditional diner fries, these fresh yukon gold or sweet potato "air baked" fries (fries cooked in a convection oven) are easily as tasty as diner fires covered in salty grease. Optional dipping sauces include wasabi aioli and Cambodian garlic sauce. Dick's side orders are solid throughout, with their weekly specials being persistently fantastic.

SERVICE; Totally fine in every way. A handful of cheeky cocktails that masquerade as milkshakes. Beer and wine. Oh, and the malteds are on point.

WHERE; 3312 SE Belmont Street, Portland and a new location at 704 NW 21st Ave, Portland
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