Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Skyline Burgers, You Know, For the Kids

O RLY?; At Skyline's newest outpost on NE Broadway, a 12 foot wall of projected cartoon network welcomed me upon entry, and though it tickled me, it also arose in me a very specific worry; is this a place for kids? The answer is a resounding yes, and the parental units may be disappointed. I deeply hope this place will mature faster than the audience it shares with the cartoon network.

BURGER; Underdeveloped and banal, but with a certain promise. The bun was huge and mealy, completely overwhelming the rest of the ingredients. The beef was overcooked, but not burnt. I ordered the hawaiian burger and was disappointed with a few details (small chunks of pineapple as opposed to a thick, freshly cut ring, heavy onion and sparse, bottled teriyaki sauce). My companion was also bummed out on the mushroom swiss burger's ridiculous amount of mayonnaise. But somehow I get the feeling that with time, this borderline theme restaurant will come into it's own, finding the balance between kiddie burgers and artistic, well thought out burgers for the grown folks. And with a name like Skyline Burgers, they got some proving to do.

; Again, geared towards a younger set of taste buds. Frozen and fried up crispy, they weren't the most amazing fries, and I probably wouldn't order them again. The salad was friggin hilarious. It was huge, and it came with a sandwich slice of cheddar cheese on top. Otherwise it was a bowl of iceberg salad mix with slices of tomato and cucumber.

SERVICE; I nicknamed our sever "mumble-core" about halfway through our meal. His awkward approach and whispery voice was that of a man who has little to no interest in service. He's probably saving up to tour with his band or surf Malaysia or something. It created an experience that was borderline surreal. Full bar with an adults-only gambling area in the rear that makes the kid-friendly vibe lean into the weird zone.

WHERE; 2200 NE Broadway St Portland,
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