Sunday, December 4, 2011

The $350,000 Synthetic Beef Burger. Weird or Gross?

First of all, somebody needs to get me one of these burgers! Second of all, I know it must taste like juicy, beef flavored styrofoam! Third of all, what is the vegetarian response to the question of synthetic meat? This recent article on Gizmodo outlines the groundbreaking science behind "in-vitro meat" or meat grown without the animal, a technology that, with cultivation, could grow to usurp the current farmed-meat industry, providing higher quality meats for much lower costs. Of course the question of quality, heritage and diversity of flavors and textures for the connoisseur must be answered. But for the chicken nugget and whopper consuming American masses, this could be the best thing since the McRib, which, lets face it, is pretty friggin close to synthetic meat.


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