Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Juicy Lucy's Ellusive Food Truck Breaks My Heart to Pieces

AWWW; Yea, no kidding. After a brief but passionate affair with this food truck last summer, it was suddenly gone from my life. No text message, no email, nothing. Juicy Lucy Truck, I though we had something special. I was prepared to devote my mouth to you. Regardless of your callous termination of our intimate relationship, I still want to shout from the mountaintops what an amazing burger you were.

BURGER; Classic Minneapolis Juicy Lucys call for a beef patty stuffed with molten cheese, preferably American, with cheddar an acceptable alternative. What set this charming food truck apart from it's mid-west counterpart was the tender, pillow talk details, such as zucchini pickles and a sweet homemade 1000 Island dressing that took the idea of mixing relish, ketchup and mayonnaise to an almost erotic level. A little yelping proved my point, with not one rating under 4 stars. Most reviewers not only wrote long, overly personal reviews but also gave Juicy Lucy a 5 star rating.

FRIES; Did they serve fries?? I will never know!!

SERVICE; It's either one dude in a truck or two dudes in a truck. But they're gone now (le sigh)

WHERE; My dreams, now and forever.

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