Sunday, November 20, 2011

Violetta Forevah

FOREVAH IS A LONG TIME; Yea, no duh, but I have yet to be done wrong by either Violetta's roaming food cart, "Etta" or their location in Directors Park in SW Portland. It's a beautiful example of Portland local flavors, served in a great casual setting.

BURGER; Beautiful. Violetta's catchy slogan reads "fast-slow-food" (cleverly worded in the shape of the recycling insignia), and though the "fast" part might be a little presumptuous, they really deliver on the "slow" and the "food". But wait, I don't mean you'll be waiting forevah, or that these burgers are pedestrian enough to be referred to simply as food. I mean that this burger is well crafted with fabulous local ingredients, carefully prepared to showcase their respective freshness.

FRIES; Both sweet potato and traditional. And they're great. Waffle fries covered in gorgonzola cheese is a favorite, but they are serious business, so don't go in thinking it's a one man job. It's at least a two person ordeal, but it will bring you two together, so go for it.

SERVICE; Walk up to the counter and be served efficiently and with a huge smile. Grab your own water and/or craft beer bottle and if you're at the Director's Park Location you can either post up in the spare dining room or stretch out on the patio beneath the rainbow of soft neon that illuminates the concrete park below. Or if you opt for the truck version, grab a local soda-pop, pull up some curb/picnic table/park bench and tuck in.

; 877 sw taylor at sw park, Portland
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  1. We very much appreciate your love for all things Violetta! We hope very soon to be announcing a new location in SE that will be larger than our Director Park spot (bionic Violetta) and four seasons (and way more craft beer)!

    Cheers... to SLOW FOOD, FAST!

    The V Team

  2. Dear V Team, I will be the first in line at your new location! Stay golden, see you soon!