Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Slow Bar Burgers Could Change Your Life

WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?; For months I've been logging burger pics on my facebook account, and for months my homie Zack (author of RADICAL food blog nomoresickfriends) told me I was not a burger professional until I ate a storied "SlowBurger" from the Slow Bar. So I did. Then I went back 3 days later and did it again.

BURGER; On visit one, I had the seasonal special, the "fall slowburger". It was so devastating that upon first bite, I shed a single greasy tear of joy. It was a thoughtfully conceived autumnal burger with edam cheese, procuittio, a cheeky little slaw, and roasted red pepper relish. Poetically seasoned and served perfectly medium rare, I swear I swooned after the first bite.
On visit two I got the signature slowburger. Less devastating, but still pretty earth shaking. It shares many of it's seasonal bro's attributes, but with gyuyere and butter lettuce. Bottom line; It's a delicious burger topped with a stupidly huge onion ring.

FRIES; Pretty dope. But I prefer the salad (local greens with a oh-my-dang-this-is-delicious house vinaigrette and spiced nuts).

SERVICE; Friendly and a little stern too, in that great way that Portland waitstaffs can be. The place is tiny and intimate, and full of "very mature 22 year olds" ( you can read into that any way you want). It's a borderline romantic date spot but it's a dark bar, so if you go alone, don't bring a book.

WHERE; 533 SE Grand Avenue, Portland.
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