Monday, November 14, 2011

Killer Burger Kills Me Softly With Radical Burgers

OH REALLY?; On my flagship visit, my high expectations were dashed by a burger that was just too dang messy. The patty was cooked unevenly, resulting in thick medium rare areas and other very well done areas. The accoutrements were sparse, leaving me with more disappointing patty than anything else. HOWEVER, Killer burger was totally redeemed on visit 2! (A good rule to follow is never review anyplace based on one visit, anyone can have a off night) My burger was cooked perfectly, moist and flavorful, with a big pile of delicious toppings, all complimented by a monster bun. I was in legit burger heaven.

; Big. I mean, really big. At 1/3lb, these patties are wide and generously topped with bacon, cheese and a slew of off-the-wall toppings daring you to handle flavor combinations that really only make perfect sense to the very, very pregnant (peanut butter and pickle burger, nuff said). As per usual, I opt for the classic burger, and I can strongly recommend the "Fun Guy" (mushrooms and swiss) and the "Jose Mendoza" (ortega chiles and jack cheese). Be a legend and order "The Marine" but fair warning, they make you sign a waver first. Apparently it's kinda spicy..

FRIES; I'm a fan. Thick cut, heavily salted and crispier than the twice-fried versions most Portland joints are serving these days. I enjoy a thicker cut fry, thin fries can't withstand the large amounts of condiments I heap upon them. It's like Killer Burger knew I like to shovel ketchup into my face via french fry delivery system and they planed for me to succeed!

SERVICE; Walk up and place your order at a counter, pour your own soda, get your own water and if you run out of napkins, walk your happy ass to the fountain and get a roll of paper towels. The employees are friendly, but don't expect too much, this place is anything but pretentious and it knows it. Shoot, it's proud! I'm all for counter service anyway, I hate waiting for water refills.

WHERE; 4644 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland Killer Burger on facebook
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