Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why the Fu@k is Foster Burger so Awesome?

EASY; Fatback in the ground beef. Fatback is pork fat, and gives the organic, grass fed beef a depth of flavor and a juiciness that is unmatched by 100% beef patties. It does however up the fatty fat fat fat quotient. So finish off the day with some raw cabbage to , um, "facilitate release".

BURGERS; Holy crap, these burgers are so ridiculously delicious, they cannot be stopped. Always perfectly cooked, with great locally sourced accoutrements, on gorgeous house made brioche buns. For the first timer, I recommend the titular Foster Burger, for the daring consumer, go for the burner (be warned-it's crazy spicy, and you may burn out your butthole.). However, if your good looking, tattooed server offers you a daily special, order that. Those are consistently life changing burgers.

FRIES; Yes, they know how to make them. No they don't suck. Yes, they are more or less middle of the road, house cut, twice fried, bar fries. I recommend the back and white fries (doused with truffle oil and served with squid ink aioli, ambitious sounding but surprisingly down to earth)

SERVICE; I've had nothing but good experiences with the staff here. They are attentive and gregarious without being too much of either. Kid friendly with outdoor seating in the warmer months. Rotating local draft beers, and solid cocktail menu. But heed my warning, don't get all power wasted before you get a chance to pound down that burger.

WHERE;5339 SE Foster Road Portland
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